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Cairngorms Economic Strategy

A new economic strategy for the Cairngorms National Park was launched on the 6th October 2015, by the Cairngorms Business Partnership.

The much anticipated Cairngorms Economic Strategy has been adopted to build on the strengths of the National Park and address some key economic challenges. Developed after extensive consultation, The Cairngorms Economic Strategy aims to support growth of the economy of the Cairngorms National Park by; strengthening existing business sectors, supporting start-ups and diversification, increasing the number of workers employed across the Park and addressing some of the infrastructure challenges such as broadband, mobile coverage, transport and housing.

The Cairngorms Economic Strategy was developed under the leadership of the Cairngorms Economic Forum, led by the Cairngorms Business Partnership (CBP) who have the remit to oversee the development and implementation of a pan Park strategy to help businesses and communities thrive.

The Cairngorms Economy
9,400 people are employed in the Park (a 4.5% increase since 2010).87% of businesses employ less than 10 people with 7% more small businesses than the Scottish average. House prices are 30% more than the Scottish average while yearly earnings are 26% less than the Scottish average. The main sources of employment are: Tourism (43%); Public Sector (17%); Services and Activities (14%) Food and Agriculture (12%)
Source: CNP Economic Benchmark Review 2013; 2010/2013 State of the Park Reports

The Cairngorms Economic Forum
Chaired and led by Cairngorms Business Partnership the Economic Forum is a partnership of Private, Public and Third sector organisations who have overseen the development of and will oversee the delivery of the Economic Strategy.

CBP Response to the National Park Partnership Plan Consulation
As our members will be aware the National Park Partnership Plan consultation exercise was undertaken by the National Park Authority over the 2016 summer months.
Whilst the timing was not ideal for a tourist intensive economy we, at the CBP, did manage to hold a number of events with members and received individual feedback to make sure our collective voice was heard.
Our CBP response can be found HERE and we hope it fairly reflects a collective view of businesses in the National Park. Whilst the consultation is now formally closed we will be scrutinising the output closely and we would still love to here your views. Either pick up the phone or send them directly to our CEO, Mark Tate at